How to withdrawal money from ATM,Withdraw money from ATM,4 step to withdraw cash from ATM
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How to withdraw money from ATM

Today we are going to discuss how we can withdrawal cash from ATM 

  1. Firstly visit your nearest ATM and place your card in the ATM and remove it.

  2. Then there is an option for your language. Which language you want to be preferred
  3. Choose your language 
  4. And after that the ATM asked your pin. Insert your pin carefully

  5. Then there are options of cash withdrawal, balance enquiry, mini statement
  6. You have to press the option for cash withdrawal
  7. After that the ATM confirm your account is it current, saving 
  8. You have to tap on current
  9. After that you have to enter amount which you have to withdraw
  10. Press enter and collect your cash and press the clear button

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